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Seeds for Africa helps African families and communities by the provision of seeds, agricultural equipment and relevant technical advice, aiming to give individuals and communities a self-sufficient, sustainable future.

Feeding Our Future

Seeds for Africa has been setting up Breakfast Clubs & Food Gardens in a number of countries. These are 3 year projects which feed the children whilst they learn to grow their own food for self-sufficiency and sustainability.  The impact is profound. Our evidence shows dramatic increase in attendance and significant improvement in academic performance. Children who are not hungry are better able to learn.

Bukirwa Priscilla- P4


Priscilla Burkina in Uganda with her classmates enjoying her sweet daily breakfast porridge. The children have grown enough maize to keep them in porridge for the next year so the programme can continue.
The school are also growing other vegetables and the children will learn agricultural skills as well as about healthy diet and nutrition.

Sierra Leone
Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone

Children at one of our schools in Sierra Leone concentrate on planting seeds to grow their own vegetables. Life is extremely hard for the 3 schools we support as the Ebola crisis takes its toll. However, the students are determined to maintain the gardens and grow their own food.


Tree seedlins to plant at home


Women in Meru are trained to grow their own food to support their families as well as generate a small income. They share the skills and understanding with the next generations and this is how a more positive future is shaped.